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M.U.U.D.S. ensures field safety, protects services, is easily identifiable to other providers, minimizes field costs for locating repair areas and ensures accuracy of information. 
Each year, accidents in the field involving underground utilities cost insurance companies, contractors and municipalities millions of dollars.  See AGA Chart.
American Gas Association

M.U.U.D.S. dramatically reduces exposure to liability claims from injury in the field by providing a reliable tracer to an underground utility before damage occurs. 

M.U.U.D.S. Emergency Benefits


M.U.U.D.S. Markers - a NEW and UNIQUE advancement in UTILITY DEPTH MARKING!

One of the greatest benefits of M.U.U.D.S. is during emergency and disaster relief efforts.  During hurricanes, floods or tornadoes, where there are major utility disturbances, there are also frequent changes in grades. 

M.U.U.D.S. remain stationary even if the surface elevation changes.

During disaster relief efforts, M.U.U.D.S. can be installed to ensure quick, safe and reliable identification in the event of future storms. With the inclusion of location beacons, that identification is fast, reliable and exact.

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